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"Colona Grade School" in Colona works at 700 1st Street, IL 61241. For any questions you have, call +1 309-792-1232

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700 1st Street, Colona, IL 61241
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+1 309-792-1232

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    Well where do I start? I attended Colona Grade School from 1st grade to 8th grade, I went to East Moline for kindergarten the year that I started they had just finished the add on for the kindergarten.
    Granted when I went there it was another time and place back when G.I. Joes were men. Back when if you were caught chewing gum in class you would have to role that peace of gum all the way down the hall with your nose "up stairs".. back when a hickory paddle with holes in it was justice... back when you could be pulled to the ground by your hair by the principle for smarting off... Back when Mrs Grant "the math teacher"was hit in the eye with a baseball breaking her glasses and she didnt flinch.. that woman was tough.. when I actually did walk uphill both ways to school in the snow.. "i lived on the other side of the canal".... back when the Christmas program was of the three kings and baby jesus every year... I was in a few of those....
    After I left Colona grade school my father was laid off of his job and we moved to California. I went into 9th grade in a different world than the small town that I grew up in. TOTAL CULTURE SHOCK. I dropped out in the 10th grade and went to work.. most of what I have learned in school was at Colona Grade School... I currently am in a possition where I make about 70k with an expence account I am given a new Silverado with all gas paid every year and feel that in this econemy I am not doing to shabby. I guess all I have to say is"I would not change a thing" Thank you for the memories "you know who you are"...
    Timothy Wade Harvell
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Colona Grade School

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  • Address: 700 1st Street, IL 61241
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  • Phone number +1 309-792-1232
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